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Bad Credit Personal Loans

Average personal debt in the UK has risen above the 4,000 mark for the first time ever according to recent research from Datamonitor. In February 2005 figures were published which showed that debt on personal loans, credit cards, finance deals and overdrafts amounted to 4004 per UK adult by the end of 2004. Credit borrowing it seems is still at a very strong level, despite last year’s interest rate rises and an uncertain housing market.

Borrowing on bad credit personal loans has contributed to this debt figure too. There has been a steady increase in the number of applicants applying for bad credit personal loans in the UK. CCJs, mortgage arrears and house repossessions are at an all time low, allowing borrowers to break free of the traditional chains that have prevented them from being accepted for personal loans on the back of a bad credit history. This has made bad credit personal loans more accessible to consumers, with loans companies more willing to extend credit to people with a bad credit history based on income-debt ratios and the ability of the applicant to handle debt responsibly.

Facts about bad credit personal loans

Bad credit personal loans are ideal for people who have found it difficult to secure personal loans in the past because of a bad credit record or for tenants. They are issued by specialist loans providers who lend money based on criteria other than your full credit history. If you have CCJs against your name, or if you have bad debts, mortgage arrears or have been declared bankrupt, then these specialist loans companies will be able to help you.

There are essentially two types of personal loans available for people with a bad credit history – secured bad credit loans and unsecured bad credit loans. Secured loans require collateral, such as equity in your home; unsecured loans do not officially require collateral, but it does help if you are a homeowner.

Bad credit loans will adopt a higher APR than standard personal loans. An APR that is 2% to 4% higher than the APR on standard personal loans is not unusual on a bad credit loan. The total amount available for borrowing will be less too, and minimum monthly payments are likely to be higher as well.

A bad credit personal loan is a good opportunity for people with bad credit to start repairing their credit record. Time is a healer in this respect, and the longer you can go without defaulting on your personal loans repayments, then the better your credit record will become. In fact, many providers of bad credit personal loans will switch you to a mainstream personal loans deal with more favourable rates if you can prove your ability to repay for the first two or three years of the loan term.

Getting Your Credit Card Reward

There are many credit card deals that are aimed at people with a lot of debt to manage. These credit card deals offer 0% balance transfer rates and low long term interest rates to credit card customers. But people who pay off their credit card balance in full every month do not gain a lot from those deals. Those people would be better off shopping around for a credit card that offers a reward. There are several credit card reward schemes to choose from.

Cash Back Rewards

Cash back rewards are rewards where credit card customers get a cash rebate that is linked to the spending on the card. Usually this will be a percentage of the amount spent, anywhere from 0.5% or more depending on the card. Some cards offer a rebate of 1 for every 100 spent, others offer as much as 3. This soon adds up. This is paid at different times. This can be an attractive reward for people who put large balances on their credit cards and clear them each month.

Earning Air Miles

Many credit cards also allow cardholders to earn air miles. Again this is linked to the spending on the credit card. Cardholders earn a specified number of points for every pound spent. These can then be applied to travel with major airlines. Some airlines, such as British Airways, BMI and others, have their own points schemes. Others use the international Air Miles program. Air Miles can also be used to qualify for other airline rewards such as upgrades to airport lounges and so on. Other types of travel rebates can also be earned.

Earning Points With A Credit Card

An alternative to cash back rewards is a point earning system. Each pound spent equates to a certain number of points. An example of a points scheme is the Nectar scheme, one of the largest in the UK. Like supermarket loyalty card points schemes, credit card points schemes allow cardholders to exchange their points for vouchers, cash or discounts on goods and services.

Other Rewards

Some credit cards allow customers to apply their points to other rewards. For example, the GM credit card allows you to save your cash back to apply to money off a car. Some credit cards allow members to use their points to book holidays, pay for flights and buy wine. And one credit card offers a concierge services, multi-trip travel insurance and executive lounge pass.

What To Watch Out For

Many of the reward cards have high interest rates compared with the 0% and low interest deals. This should not matter for people who clear their balances in full each month. However people who do not clear their balances in full but who still want to benefit from the rewards will need to be careful. Many cash back reward cards have a cap on how much cash back a cardholder can earn each year.

When choosing a reward card, look for the credit card that offers the highest reward or the one that will give rewards that are useful to you. Air miles are only useful if you go on holiday, while discount vouchers can be used in a range of stores, so you will easily find one that is useful for you.

Payday Loan Hints and Tips

If you are a week or two away from payday and need cash urgently, then a payday loan might be the answer. Payday loans are short-term loans that give you the money you need until you get, at which time you have to pay the money back. Payday loans are also known as cash advance loans or cheque loans. If you are in need of cash before payday, then this guide can help you to decide if payday loans are right for you.

How much can I borrow?

The amount of money that you can borrow is usually quite low, because the loan is for the short term and you can get it quickly. Somewhere between 50 and 400 is the usual amount. The way you get a loan is that you write a personal cheque for a certain amount of money plus the fees, and then the lender will give you that money in cash. The lender will hold the check until your next payday, and then if your situation is better the lender will cash it in. If you still cannot pay, you can pay more fees to keep the cheque held for a few more weeks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The advantages of payday loans is that you can get hold of urgently needed money very quickly, which can get you out of a tight financial situation. The loans are also useful for people who have poor credit and so find it hard to get other types of loans or credit cards. The loans are good if you know you can pay back the amount in a few weeks when you get paid.

The biggest disadvantage of payday loans is that the fees are very high. Normally you will have to pay around 10% or more of the cost of what you borrow. So borrowing 100 is going to cost you 110, or even more if you keep extending the borrowing time. You can also end up in a vicious cycle where each month you run out of money too early because of having to pay the original loan back. Payday loans should be used as a last option, or if you know that this month is an exceptional month and you will be back on track afterwards.

What are the alternatives?

There are a number of alternatives to payday loans, especially if you have good credit. You could use a credit card to pay for the things you need and then pay this amount off at the next payday. Although credit cards have fairly high interest rates, if you know you need more than a few weeks to pay back the amount then this interest is cheaper than a payday loan. If you need more long-term help with debts or lack of money, then a personal loan might be a better option, as long as you can afford the repayments. If you have poor credit, then a payday loan is often the best option because there is no credit check. The only information that needs to be verified is your current employer.

If you are struggling for money before you reach the end of the month, then you should look at payday loans as an option to help ease your short-term financial pressures. However, you should make sure that you only borrow as much as you can afford to pay back next month whilst still having enough to make it to the next payday.